Please be patient while the song loads.
You will see why after you hear it. I promise
I won't have such a huge song again. *~


Greetings everyone, my name is Brighteyes.
Welcome to my home!
You will find many things here for your enjoyment,
and inspiration.

I say welcome home,
as I would like you to be
comfortable enough in
calling this your home too!
I will share a little about me
and what this site will be about.
First of all I am Cherokee Indian. I take a stand for a great many causes
and one of those is TRUTH!
I chose the song that is playing
as it speaks a lot about what this site is about.
You will find a great many things here
relating to that.

This site is going to have a lot of things
that I am very passionate about as well.
There will be a directory page that will have
links to all the causes that I fight for.
I will also be putting a page up with
a great many inspirational quotes.
You will find Christmas Pages,
Web Graphics and Design that I
will be offering as a service for a fee.
There will always be something new and fun too!

You will find that I am very outspoken about
all the dis-harmony that is happening
with our Earth Mother and our Children.
I hope that you will find a reason to come back
often and join me in my many crusades.
There will be a guest book for you to sign and
to speak any truth that you may wish.
I invite ALL to speak up and help to save
this beautiful planet that we have been given to walk upon.
So with that, lets get on with the show!
Thank you for visiting.
Love, Brighteyes*~*>

Music is called O Siem by Susan Aglukark
An Inuk Indian
Click here to go to her site

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Thank you my friend for all of your guidance,
and loving patience.
You can visit all her many sites and pages by
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She is a certified Webmaster and has many pages with
tutorials for website building. She also has many
pages about the Native Americans and our Spirituality.
Please go by and visit StarSpiderDancing's Website.
You will be very glad you did. *smile*

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