Statement of Purpose

  1. To inform and unify the citizens of Gilmer County into a single voice that cannot be ignored by our elected and appointed officials.

  2. To continually improve all county services and to guarantee individual rights     and freedoms.

  3. To ensure that all elected and appointed officials adhere to all Federal, State and Local Laws and Ordinances.

  4. To ensure that all elected and appointed officials abide by their Oath of Office.

  5. To inform the public of the true financial condition of Gilmer County at any given time as should be necessary.

  6. To ensure that the Board of Commissioners adhere to a Balanced Budget and not spend more than revenues can support.

  7. To ensure that all county records be maintained in an orderly and professional manner in the Gilmer County Courthouse, and that these records are available on request for inspection by the public.

  8. To ensure that the Board of Commissioners publich a financial statement in the legal organ of the county stating the true financial status of Gilmer County as mandated by State Law.

  9. To publish the TRUE FACTS as they are discovered and documented in the county records in the Gilmer County Courthouse and other County Offices.

  10. To publish the actions of our elected and appointed officials as well as congratulate those who perform their duties well.

  11. Our intent is for the betterment of Gilmer County as a whole.  We shall monitor all actions and activities of our elected and appointed officials, encourage proper communication among our elected and appointed officials with each other and the county citizens, 

Note: Site Survey not currently available. GCCV site is in process of being updated and reformatted. Some Information offered is of historical interest.

Thank you for being patient. Please check back.

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